About me

My name is Pere Audí. I’m a teacher in a primary school. From 2000 onwards I’ve been working on the history of Falset and the surrounding region, known as the Priorat. I’ve focused on the years between 1910 and 1923, in other words, the years that saw the beginning of the end of the systems that operated during the Restoration period.

In these years many initiatives flourished motivated by the need to improve the deplorable situation of the working class. Workers’ Cooperatives were established for consumption and/or production, in certain instances, at the instigation of the Catholic Church. At the same time, anarchism as a philosophy and as a way of fighting for better conditions spread throughout the Priorat, as it did across most of Catalonia.

The purpose of this blog is let people to know what I’m doing and, most importantly, to allow those who are interested in these subjects to find the articles I’ve written for local journals more easily. Each article has all the information you need should you wish to cite it elsewhere. If you don’t read Catalan but do read Spanish, don’t worry. Just try it and you will realize it’s not so difficult to understand!

You will find information about new publications relating to the history of the region, and comments on books that are not so recent but nevertheless are of interest.

Of course, I would appreciate receiving any comments and/or corrections you may wish to make.

My thanks to Angela Jackson for correcting my poor English.

4 Responses to About me

  1. Miguel Tatay ha dit:


  2. […] temporada al Bloc amb una bona notícia! Un dels nostres usuaris, mestre, historiador i bon amic Pere Audí, acaba de publicar el seu primer llibre de ficció. I aixó no és tot, el llibre parla del barri […]

  3. Miguel Figini ha dit:

    Gràcies per aquesta feina tan important per els que ens agrada amb passió el Priorat.

    • De res. Per mi és una passió la investigació històrica. I ves per on, vaig anar a parar al Priorat, amb una història molt rica i densa, si més no des de la segona part del XIX. Gràcies pel comentari.

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